Children of St. John’s – Sponsor a Child’s Scholarship In Haiti

Children of St. John’s - Sponsor Almera’s Education in Haiti!

Dear children, teens, and families at St. John’s,

Meet Almera! The children and teens of St. John’s have chosen to support her and her education. Almera is in Pre-K at Bon Samaritain School.

Each Sunday, we’re aiming to collect about $10 as a group. We’ll take a collection during Sunday School and bring it to the altar during the offertory.

For those children and teens who may not carry cash on them every Sunday, they can contribute by clicking on this link  or write a check to St. John’s Episcopal Church with “Sunday School Haiti Scholarship” in the memo line.

No contribution is too small! Truly – a quarter, a nickel, a dime is a blessing. The goal is to encourage the children and teens to see themselves as givers. As part of the body of Christ, we actively care for others. 

Finally, several of the kids mentioned feeling sad that we could only sponsor one kid. I encourage you and your family to check out the bulletin board at church and consider sponsoring a child or teen.  Scroll down to see how you can sponsor another child online today!

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you so much!  

– Mattie Johnson, Director of Children and Youth Ministries.

Sponsor a Child's Education in Haiti

The outreach committee has launched a new bulletin board for Haiti with 32 children who need sponsorship for the school year.  As you read above, the children and teens of St. John’s are taking care of one of those children but there are 31 others in need.  It costs $60 to sponsor a child’s tuition or $120 for tuition, books and uniform.

Please consider sponsoring a child. No contribution is too small! You can sponsor online by visiting Click on the blue GIVE button and select Bon Samaritain School and Clinic in the “Give To” box; or see Sheelagh or any member of the outreach committee for further info.

Marline 7th grade
Almera 4th grade
Manoucha 1st grade