July 1, 2018

Coming Full Circle (Children’s Sermon) – July 1, 2018

Passage: Mark 5:21-43

Bible Text: Mark 5:21-43 | Preacher: The Rev. Sanford A. Key

I invite you to come and sit with me here in the front. 

Let’s sit on the floor. How are you? I’m glad you’re here. Good to see you, how are you? You going to join us? Good. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask you to close your eyes real quick and I’m going to give you something and I’ll put it into your hands and I want you to just kind of, to feel it. Don’t look. Can you do it without peeking? You can have a look at it in a minute and I promise you it’s not going to hurt you, okay? Close your eyes, close your eyes. Do you feel that? Here you go.

Okay, so, now, feel it with your eyes closed, can you feel something that’s on that piece of material? Is there a shape that’s attached to it? Feel it, touch it, run your hand over it. What do you feel? Don’t look. What do you feel? Do you feel a shape? First off, what is the shape of the thing that’s in your hands? Is it a circle? Is it a diamond? Is it a stop sign or is it a square? You’re all very talkative.  Is it a square?

A circle.

It’s a circle or a square?  Square. It’s a square, yes, thank you. Now, what do you feel on that square? What type of material is it? Is it really rough or is it soft?


Soft. Is there some …

[inaudible 00:02:28]

I’m sorry? What do you feel on it?

That is soft.

Soft, yes, it’s soft. What else do you feel on it? Is there something that’s bumpy on it or is it all smooth?


Bumpy, if you run your hand along the thing that’s bumpy, what do you feel? What is it?

[inaudible 00:02:50].

It’s the God sign. It’s a cross.  It’s a perfect thing.it’s the God sign. It’s a cross. So, thank you. May I have those back for a second? Now, I’m going to show them to all the adults that are in the back so they can see our show and tell.  Thank you. So, what I have before you, some of you may know about this but this is what? Ladies from the church, what is this?  It is in the shape of a potholder but it actually serves a different purpose. It’s a prayer [inaudible 00:03:36] a pocket shawl and who created them?  The ladies of the church.  Good prayer group; they made these prayer shawls.

These are meant, they’re soft and you can hold them. You can put them in your hands and play with them and they can give you comfort because if it was sharp and spiky would it feel good?  Would it feel good if it was sharp and spiky or cold and wet? Let’s keep that one good [inaudible 00:04:20] unless it’s a really hot thing but a blanket, it’s just like a little pocket blanket, right. Your church has made these blankets to give to people who are sick, to people who need to feel comfort. When you were a little baby, did you have a baby blanket? Yeah, those were pretty cool. I’ll tell you, my sons, if we did not have a baby blanket with us when we went on a trip, they would fuss.

They made sure that we knew that we had to have that baby blanket because it gave them comfort, it gave them solace. It made them feel as if they belonged. These prayer shawls are meant to do the same thing. There’s a story today in the Gospel about a woman who was sick. She couldn’t get well. She kept going to the doctor and the doctors couldn’t make her well but she knew that if she would but touch the helm, that is this part, the helm of Jesus’ outfit that she would be made well and she touched his dress, his outfit and she was made well.

There’s something wonderful about the touch that happened. When she touched that part of Jesus’ outfit, he felt [inaudible 00:05:44] her, she got power from him and she knew that she was well. What does that teach you and me? It teaches us that, as a community, as a group of people together, as a church, when we pray for one another, when we give time to each other and when we care for each other, wonderful things can happen. We’re in the midst right now, we’re doing something as a church, for 100 days we’re praying. We’re praying for people who are sick and they have these shawls. They can hold on to them when they’re not feeling well but do you know what also makes them feel well? Is knowing that people are praying for them because when we pray for each other it’s like we’re putting a blanket upon them.

So, any questions? So, what are you going to do? Are you going to pray for people or are you going to wait until they pray for you? You’re going to pray for people. Right. Yeah, you going to do that too?

My tummy hurts.

Your tummy hurts?

Yeah [crosstalk 00:06:50].

Can you hold onto that. There you go. Now your tummy’s going to feel better. If it doesn’t, you let me know, okay?


Great, thank you. Thanks for playing along. Do you want to stay up here or do you want to go back downstairs? You can stay up here if you want to?

They’re not going to …

They’re not going to stay? Okay. [crosstalk 00:07:16] Thank you everyone. Do you want to take it with you until your tummy feels better?


You can keep it with you until your tummy feels better. Thank you. His tummy must feel better. Okay, you can come back.

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