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Our Approach

More important than teaching about God, at St John’s we strive to create meaningful opportunities for your child to experience.

From their earliest days and throughout life, children and teens naturally wonder and ask deep questions about the spiritual world. At St. John’s we build strong friendships among, children, teens, and the congregation, so your child feels known, comfortable, and at home here. Additionally, through the arts, social justice, and fun, we seek to give your child a strong faith background and equip them with the spiritual tools they need to navigate their own faith journeys.

What We Offer

Professional caregivers assisted by volunteers, welcome and care for children from infancy to age three on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. through the end of the 10:15 service. Nursery care is also available during many educational events and special programs.  Learn more>>

Godly Play is available for children Pre-K to 4th grade every Sunday starting at 10am. This Montessori-related approach enables children to experience the presence of God and discover how to “speak the language”of their biblical faith.  Learn more>>



Every Sunday starting at 10am, kids in 5th to 8th grade and teens from 9th to 12th grades, gather to deepen their spiritual lives and explore their own journeys with God. Through fellowship, fun, and community service, these groups seek to experience God in themselves, each other, and the world around them.  Learn more>>

What's Coming Up?

Who We Are and What We Do