What is the size of the average grant?
Grant amounts range from $1,000 to $20,000. The average grant last year was about $5,000.
What is the deadline for applications?
The application deadline is in the Fall of each year. The deadline for 2022 grants is Friday, October 29, 2021.
Can I include extra items with my application such as audio/video tapes, newspaper articles, DVDs, etc.?
Supplemental materials should be held to the minimum necessary to convey a basic understanding of the organization. Videotapes, DVDs, etc. should not be sent unless specifically requested. One copy of an application is sufficient.
Can I meet or talk with someone from the Foundation about my application?
We would be happy to talk with you but our ability to do so is limited by our lack of support staff. If we have questions, we’ll contact you.
How does the Foundation decide which applications will receive grants?
The Foundation’s charter is to provide funding to organizations serving those in need in the Stamford community. Support for past projects has fallen generally into the categories of housing, community service and education, and has included support for capital projects as well as for new and existing services. We tend to give highest priority to requests for funding new projects that help people change and improve their lives.
What is the process for making these decisions?
Following the receipt of grant applications, the Trustees meet to review all applications. A site visit to projects under consideration is occasionally required prior to a decision by the Board. These visits are arranged directly with the applying organization by individual Trustees. Funding decisions are announced following the first scheduled Foundation meeting of the year. Applicants are notified by email and will be required to provide an assessment report at mid-year.
Does the Foundation fund religious or faith-based organizations?
The Foundation will consider requests from any organization provided the services offered are inclusive and fit within our guidelines.
Does the Foundation fund start-ups?
The Foundation does not generally provide seed money or funding for start-up projects or organizations. However, exceptions may be made and applications from such organizations may be submitted.
Does the Foundation fund individuals?
The Foundation does not consider requests for grants to individuals.
Does the Foundation award multi-year grants?
The Foundation does not generally make such grants and grants usually are not renewable. However, since the income of the Foundation is modest, funds are sometimes dispersed over a period of one to three years.
Does the Foundation support activities outside Stamford?
As a rule, our support is confined to the Stamford community.
Is the Foundation part of St. John’s Episcopal Church?
The Foundation is funded by St. John’s but operates as an independent entity. For more information, please see our About page.
When was the Foundation started?
The Foundation was established in 1987 to manage the distribution of that portion of the Church’s income designated for community purposes.
How does the Foundation get its funds?
All funding from the foundation is provided by St. John’s Episcopal Church from income derived from leasing some of its property to Canterbury Green, a mixed-use complex.
How is the Foundation’s Board of Trustees organized?
Our board is made up of eight parishioners elected by St. John’s Church and seven community members selected by the Board. Trustees serve three-year terms and may serve for two consecutive terms.
Who serves on the Board of Trustees?
Trustees include: The Rev. Andrew Kryzak (Priest-in-Charge of St. John’s Episcopal Church), Sandra Clarke, Sandie DeFilippis, Peter Eder, The Rev. Joseph Ford, Anne Goslin, Terrence Green, Mark Ledermann, Chris Mehan, Jean Meyer, Ann Mavor, Anthony Pramberger, Sheelagh Schlegel (Chairperson), Caroline Smit, Melody Wagstaff.
How often does the Board of Trustees meet?
The Board meets four times a year.
Can I make a donation to the Foundation?
Yes. While all funding has come from St. John’s Episcopal Church in the past, a change in the bylaws has made it possible for the Foundation to receive donations from individuals and organizations. Please contact the Chairperson for additional information.