Miles For A Mission

St. Francis Episcopal Church in North Stamford holds their annual 5K road race and walk on Sunday, September 23 at 9:00 a.m. This year the race benefits Americares Free Clinic of Stamford. Fr. Wheeler will be running in the race and invites parishioners from St. John’s to join him in supporting one of our fellow Episcopal parishes in Stamford. Register and information at

Healing Service

Did you know that each week St. John’s has a 1/2 hour healing service at 12:10 p.m.?  Take a break from your end-of-week routine and join us in the chapel for Holy Eucharist, lesson and Gospel from Fr. Wheeler or Fr. Key, prayers for healing, plus music from Chris Shepard.  A group always gathers afterwards for a brown-bag lunch in the Conference Room.  Everyone is welcome.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Statement on Family Separation at US Borders

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry released a statement on family separation at the US borders, joining other faith leaders stating, “As religious leaders representing diverse faith perspectives, united in our concern for the wellbeing of vulnerable migrants who cross our borders fleeing from danger and threats to their lives, we are deeply disappointed and pained to hear this news.” The Office of Government Relations for The Episcopal Church offers action steps for folks interested in defending the access to asylum for immigrants and against the separation of families at the US borders.

2018 Online Pledge Forms

275 Years and Going Strong!

2018 Pledge Form for St. John’s Episcopal Church, Stamford, CT

With grateful heart(s), I/we return to God a portion of what He has graciously given me/us to support St. John’s mission:
To live the love of God with hearts open to all.
Help us to return to others what God has given to us.

I/we commit to give:

(Mark one)
Total amount for the 2018 calendar year
Please enter your full name in the box above to sign this form.

POSITION: Half-Time Assistant to the Rector


Stamford, CT



PURPOSE: To assist the Rector or Priest in Charge in all aspects of church leadership

as assigned, providing organizational initiative and creative, inspirational support.

Reports to the Rector or Priest in Charge.

SCOPE OF THE POSITION: This is a part-time (half-time) position. The Assistant is

expected to be present at the Sunday liturgy and work two full days (or their

equivalent) a week.


Pastoral Care: To work with the Rector in the ministry of pastoral care and

visitation. This includes:

Regular visitation of the sick and homebound shared with the Rector or Priest in


Developing and overseeing a Lay Eucharistic Visitor program to include the sick

and homebound in the Eucharistic community.

Sharing in the visitation of new families.

Assist the Rector in the care and support of people from the downtown

community who come to the parish for assistance.

Adult Christian Education: To support parishioners in becoming knowledgeable and

loving disciples of Christ.

Getting input from parishioners and parish leaders on Christian formation

opportunities and approaches that will help them grow as disciples.

Teaching and leading study groups as needed and helpful.

Assisting Bible study and small groups with study resources and support.

Worship: Under the direction of the Rector or Priest in Charge share in the

ministry of planning, preaching God’s Word and leading worship. This includes:

Assist as required in worship planning.

Leading weekday worship as assigned.

Leading and/or assisting in the leadership of Sunday morning worship.

Preaching a major service at least monthly.

Communications Public Relations: Work with the Communications

Coordinator, Rector and Parish Leaders in promoting upcoming events and

communicating through social media.

Public Relations

Research and evaluate advertising opportunities

Assist parish leaders in promoting upcoming events

Social Media

Work with the Communications Coordinator in the design and daily use of

Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to communicate with

parishioners and beyond the mission, ministry and program of the parish.

Youth Group: To support the Director of Children and Youth Ministry and assist

her as needed in planning events and programs with Middle and Senior High age


Providing Continuity in the coming Interim: Get to know the parishioners and

the workings of the parish in order to help assure consistency of ministry and

programs under the direction of the Interim Rector or Priest in Charge when Fr.

Wheeler retires at the end of 2018.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The Assistant to the Rector is accountable for periodically and

annually establishing and meeting clear and measurable goals to be achieved in each

area of Responsibility. These goals to be accepted by the Rector or Priest in Charge

who provides Performance evaluation on regular basis.

August 22, 2017

Tips for Taking Better Photos

Tips for Taking Better Photos for the Website

As we prepare for our new website, great photos and videos will be necessary to keep visitors engaged with all the content we have to share.  To that extent, we invite parishioners to get out their smart phones and start taking photos of parish life.   We will also be using some of these photos in social media such as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so quality photos will be in demand.
Now here are some quick tips/reminders for getting the best shots for our website:
Hold the camera steady.  This may seem like a no-brainer but we have come across too many photos that are blurry, not because of the camera being out of focus, but because of the phone shaking.   The best advice we can offer to avoid camera shake (at least for iphone users but a similar option most likely exists for Samsung as well) is to use the volume up button to snap the photo so you can continue holding the phone steadily and not have to press the screen.
Vary between portrait and landscape shots.
Our natural tendency is to take portrait shots so learn to vary from portrait to landscape more frequently.   Landscape photos can spread easily across a page or can more easily be cropped for front page slides and banners.
Mail the photo in Actual Size.
Some mail clients reduce the size of photos so that they can be sent more quickly via email. Ensure that your mail client is sending the photo in actual size…usually 1 to 3 mb in size.  This is essential for quality photos across varying sized monitors, pads etc.
Slide the exposure meter to brighten (or darken) images (for iphone)
If an image is too blown out or underexposed for your liking, you can fix it before snapping the picture by adjusting the yellow exposure slider next to the focus square.  Just tap once on the focus square and exposure slider, then use the sun icon to increase your exposure by sliding upward, or decrease exposure by sliding downward.
Tap on the screen to improve focus before taking the shot
For iphone users the quick way to get a subject into focus is to tap the spot on the screen where you want to focus.  Sometimes this may change the lighting as well so you will have to experiment but when you tap on or around the area of the subject you will see that you can improve your focus.  Then take the picture.
Use the grid
Both iphone and Samsung have the option to turn on the grid lines.  This helps you to line up your photographs expertly and is very useful for following the rule of thirds in your photo taking.    Start practicing this option and the composition of your photographs will look like the pros!
Happy picture taking!