Make No Peace With Oppression

Social Action Window ~ Willet Studios, Philadelphia

Make No Peace With Oppression is the message written in this window, which is dedicated to Social Action. At the top right of the window is St. Francis of Assisi, giving food to a woman and her children (see his window on the north side of the nave.)

At the top left is the prophet Amos, who spoke out strongly against the social injustices in Israel in about 750 B.C.E. Above him is a grasshopper from his vision of disaster upon Israel: “This is what the Lord God showed me: it was a swarm of locusts hatching when the later corn, which comes after the king’s early crop, was beginning to sprout” (Amos 7:1). At the very top of the window is the Holy Spirit holding a plumbline: “This is what the Lord showed me: there he was standing by a wall built with the aid of a plumb-line, and he had a plumb-line in his hand” (Amos 7:7).

Below Amos is Father James O. S. Huntington, founder of the Order of the Holy Cross, who ministered to the poor on New York’s Lower East Side. He was a pioneer for social action in the Episcopal Church.

Below St. Francis is St. Paul writing on behalf of the slave Onesimus: “I, Paul, appeal to you about my child, whose father I have become in this prison. I mean Onesimus, … Perhaps this is why you lost him for a time to receive him back for good – no longer as a slave; as a dear brother, very dear to me, and still dearer to you, both as a man and as a Christian” (Philemon 10, 15-16).

Below Paul and Onesimus is Jane Addams, founder of Hull House in Chicago, the first settlement house in America.

At the bottom of the window is the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., martyr to the cause of civil rights in the turbulent 1960’s. He was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968.

In the lower right corner is the figure of John Woolman, riding a horse. He was an American Quaker whose personal mission was to fight slavery.

The window was given in memory of the Hon. Schuyler Merritt in June, 1969. It is located on the south side of the nave, clerestory level, third window down from the transept.

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Location: South side of nave, upper level (clerestory), third window below the transept.
Inscription: None in the window, but a brass plaque on the wall below the window indicates its dedication and date.