St. John’s at a glance

    • A city-center sanctuary and a regional destination church in a vibrant, growing commercial center
    • A diverse, well-educated and multi-generational congregation
    • A 265-year tradition of outreach to the community
    • A historic building of striking exterior and interior beauty
    • An impressive music program with a magnificent organ
    • A nationally regarded and popular Sunday School program
    • An endowed parish with a million dollar annual budget
    • A parish where differing points of view are accepted and encouraged
    • A strong support staff and dedicated lay leadership
    • A history of long-term relationships with rectors
    • A congregation ready to move from being a “good parish” to becoming a great one.

 Goals for St. John’s Parish:

    • Encourage spiritual growth for all members. We want to broaden our hearts and minds through education (bible studies, seminars, forums, etc.) and move beyond being “Sunday worshipers”. Through increased knowledge, along with prayer and our high quality of worship and music, we can experience the true power of God and be able to share the Good News.
    • Recognize, develop and support leaders. We have a diverse multi-talented group of parishioners who need to be identified and encouraged to share their abilities. We need to be taught how to lead and to develop this leadership to be able to train others. Support in these efforts needs to be endless.
    • Share our gifts, knowing they are from God. We need to develop the awareness that all that we are and all that we have belongs to God. A serious effort to teach and practice stewardship, including tithing, is necessary for the growth of St. John’s. We must realize that the gifts and resources God has given us are to be shared with others as a means to be given back to God.
    • Reach out to help others beyond our doors. By becoming more visible through improved communication, we will seek and attract new members, inspire involvement, and create more opportunities for outreach. We would like to share ourselves and what we have to offer, with a cross-section of the community, from those neighbors nearby who are less fortunate, as well as the corporate world growing up around us.