COVID-19 Letter from the Director of Public Safety, Health & Welfare, City of Stamford​

Good Morning Everyone, With the number of positive COVID-19 cases on the rise here in Stamford we are asking for your assistance in ensuring that our messages and COVID-19 information is disseminated throughout the community.  There is a lot of COVID-19 information available on the City of Stamford Website   Please take the time to review the site as there is a lot of important information. As the Director of Public Safety, Health and Welfare is am asking that we work together on putting the proper messaging out to the community.  We need you to be in contact with your direct groups. Residents who want an appointment to get tested in Stamford – including those without health insurance or a primary care physician – can call the City’s dedicated COVID-19 Testing hotline at 833.508.8378. This hotline is operated seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There are no issues regarding immigration status and lack of insurance to access treatment. If you need non-emergency assistance related to COVID-19 or have questions residents can dial 203-977-4050. Please refer to the City of Stamford website and take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the services and information.  If there are any questions/or concerns please reach out to me through Kathy Ruther at who will bring issues to my attention. I am available 24/7 however, at this time this is the best way for timely contact. You can also call me in the office at 203-977-4151 or on my cell 203-424-4354.  Please again be aware that we are dealing with many issues and I may not be available to pick up immediately. However, I will follow up asap. Let’s keep working together as a community.  We cannot be everywhere or see everything.  We do rely on our community partners to identify issues that need to be addressed. Thank you for joining together in supporting the Stamford Community at large during this horrific health emergency. Thank you.Respectfully,Ted JankowskiDirector of Public Safety, Health & WelfareW 203-977-4151