Stewardship Reflection – by Beth Ford

Upon reflection of what “Stewardship” really means to me, I came across the biblical definition of “utilizing and managing all resources God provides for the Glory of God and the betterment of His creation.” I have witnessed a strong presence of stewardship in action over the past several years here at St John’s Episcopal Church. Becoming a member of the Vestry, has opened my eyes to the amazing gifts of gracious leadership, outpouring wellness programs, a sense of love for one another – a spiritual family that this church offers to its community.

I have truly felt the love, community, and overflowing support of our St. John’s Family over the years within Godly Play ministries, Confirmation programs, Outreach programs, Inspirica, the Christmas Nativity Productions and Christmas Village, the beautiful choir, and the meticulous care of our guilds, and the careful management of our awe inspiring church. I am proud to pledge our families support to our St. John’s family and to promote our stewardship efforts for the betterment of His creations! – Beth Ford

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