Vigil For School Safety and End to Gun Violence

The Vigil for School Safety and an End To Gun Violence sponsored by the Episcopal Churches of Stamford, was an inspirational event this past Sunday in Latham Park.  Many speakers from our interfaith community, including our own Fr. Sandy, Fr. Wilfredo, and Fr Mark Lingle gave important voice to the emotions we have all felt in the recent aftermath of violence in our country.  Senator Blumenthal, our Mayor, and other officials attended and spoke.  About 250 people from the community came out to hear words of comfort, inspiration and motivation. Among others, Moms Demand Action and CT Against Gun Violence supported and participated in this event. Thank you to all St John’s parishioners who supported this event, and the successful school supply collection for Domus.    

Kathi Bacchi

A Prayer from Bishop Steven Charleston

Dear Parish Family:
Some 80 lives were violently taken from us this past weekend, lives lost to racial hatred, and home grown terrorism. Most of us are numb and in disbelief that a poisonous cancer such as this has spread through-out the land. We grieve and mourn for lives taken. I ask that we join Bishop Steven Charleston, in the following prayer that comes to us from the Native American/Indigenous Ministries of the Episcopal Church:
“Come now Spirit of power, come now quickly and seize this moment. The conscience of our nation teeters on the edge of change. Old wounds between us have opened. Deep divisions have been revealed. We are stunned by the cost of our own behavior. Now is the time. Now is an historic opportunity for love. Pull prejudice from us like a poison. Draw out the fear that breeds our racism. Open our eyes to behold our common humanity. Silence the justifications and the denials before they begin and keep our eyes fixed firmly on the prize, not on the politics. Come Spirit from all four sacred directions, from every color and culture, come and use this sorrowful moment for good. Heal our racism now.” – The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston
Healing and Grace to us in this dark hour,
The Rev. Wilfredo Benítez 
Priest In Charge (PPIC)