Have you seen the face of Christ in another person?

How have you seen the face of Christ in another person?

I believe that if we look closely enough we will see the face of Christ in every person, because each of us is made in the image of God and in some way reflects and reveals that sacred image.  So, I expect that each of us has stories we can share of seeing the face of Christ in another.

Here’s one of mine: On a mission trip to Haiti our parish group visited a school of one of our partner parishes in Gros Morne.  The visit by the Americans was a big deal and much of the school was assembled to meet us.  All the children wore uniforms – the girls wore plaid dresses often with complimenting hair ties and bows and the boys wore blue checked shirts and khaki shorts.  One little girl broke away from her class group and ran towards us.  She came right to me, rubbed my arm and ran back to her friends, all of them laughing and twittering.  I was laughing too.

I realized a few moments later that she had rubbed my skin to see if the white came off of it.  I doubt that she had ever touched a white person before.  Was I human?  Was I like her?  She wanted to know, to touch, to see.

Christians most basic belief is that God came among us, revealed God’s-self to us in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  If we were to rub Jesus’ skin would the human shell come off so we could see God within?  Of course it wouldn’t for Jesus was fully human!  In his human self he showed us God’s self.  But Jesus also showed us our human self – what it means to be fully human, to be fully present, to fully give yourself away to others.

That little girl touched what it means to be human in me.  She shared our common humanity.  And in doing so she gave me a glimpse of Jesus who is human like her and like me.

Please share some of your stories: How have you seen the face of Christ in another person?